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Emergency First Aid

Basic one-day course offering lifesaving first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) Level C skills for the workplace, where only CPR is needed, or home.

7.5 hours in-class OR 4.5 hours in-class + 4 hours online learning*

Course Run Time: 9:15am-4:15pm (7.5 hours); 9:15am-1:45pm (Blended)


First Aid Instructor


  • Successfully demonstrate skills and critical steps

  • Min. 75% mark for written knowledge evaluation

  • Attend and participate in 100% of the course


3-year certification in Emergency First Aid and CPR Level C (Adult, Child, and Infant)


4 hours in-class + 4 hours
online learning*

*Online learning time will vary depending on the learner.

Course Content            

  • The Red Cross- History, Fundamental Principles, Symbols, etc.

  • Responding to Emergencies- Preparing to Respond, Legal Issues Around First Aid, The EMS System, After an Emergency, Lowering Risk of Infection

  • Check, Call, Care, Secondary Assessment, Shock

  • Choking- Patrial Choking, Complete Choking, Unresponsive Choking (Adult, Child & Infant)

  • Circulation Emergencies- Cardiovascular Disease, Heart attack, Angina, Stroke, TIAs, Life-Threatening Bleeding

  • CPR & AED- Cardiac Arrest, CPR, AED’s (Adult, Child & Infant)

  • Breathing Emergencies- Respiratory Distress, Hyperventilation, Asthma, Allergic Reaction, Anaphylaxis

  • Wound Care- Bandaging Guidelines, Triangular Bandages, Cuts & Scrapes, Puncture Wounds, Scalp Injuries, Infection, Burns, Bruises, Splinters, Nosebleeds, Foreign Objects in the Nose, Knocked-out Teeth, Eye Injuries, Ear Injuries, Impaled Objects, Amputations, Crush Injuries, Chest Injuries, Abdominal Wounds, Blast Injuries

Participants Materials            

  • First Aid & CPR (eBook)

  • Comprehensive Guide to First Aid & CPR (eBook)

  • Emergency First Aid – Online (Blended only)

  • Emergency First Aid certificate (digital certificate issued upon successful completion)

Course Cost

$126 (tax included)

Upcoming Course Dates

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